Summer fun for the whole family!

Passes available for circulation.
Please ask for more information.

The Clark
Vermont State Parks (May-end of season 2017)
Vermont Historic Monuments (May-end of season 2017)
Brattleboro Museum
Wonderfeet Museum for Kids

Please see our new loan policy for passes

1. You must be a patron to use the passes.

2. We cannot reserve the passes for more than one day.
a. If you call in the morning, we will hold for you until the end of the day. If you do not pick up the pass within this time frame, it will go to the next patron.
b. If you call on Monday and want to reserve the pass for Wednesday, we cannot honor this request.

3. The loan period is for 3 days. Make sure the staff gives you your due date.

4. Overdue fine for returning the pass late will be $5 per day.

Thank you for using our passes! Some of them are in high demand and we want to make sure they’re available for each and every patron.

Thank you,
Dorset Library